• In Preperation to run in our colours

Horses in Pre-Training

In European thoroughbred racing the so called Pre-Training is gaining more and more importance. It used to be the case that the yearlings moved into the racing stables after the sales by the end of the year. There they were broken-in and made ready for a racing career. But for some horses this is too early.

There are plenty of reasons for that – maybe they were born late or they were injured and are just not ready for a daily routine of a racing yard. For these horses there is a pre-trainig – and individual preparation for saddle and rider on the stud farm or at the yards of professional pre-trainers.

In England, France or Ireland the big training stables don't do the breaking-in anymore. They have one or two yards with whom they work close together and where the trainer drops by every now and then to see how the youngsters are doing.


Maria (GER) 2016

filly by Sea The Moon out of Meergöttin, Color: bay


Meerchenfee (GER) 2017

filly by Sea The Moon out of Meerchen, Color: chestnut


Quebello (GER) 2017

colt by Sea The Moon out of Questabelle, Color: bay


Sea The World (GER) 2016

Filly by Sea The Stars out of Sanwa, Color: chestnut


Supersophie (GER) 2016

filly by Sea The Moon out of Soprana , Color: bay


Tamso (GER) 2016

filly by Sea The Moon out of Tanamia, Color: chesnut